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Why a kinder business story is more than skin deep

Kindness is not always synonymous with hard-nosed business. We must keep going and growing. We must not let go. We must toughen up; the hardest part. We must stay strong and never, ever lose heart. But in the process of dealing with the difficult business of staying...

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5 leopard lessons for creating cutting-edge content marketing!

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article inspired by a rare encounter with a shy 2-year old leopard named Amali (pictured) in Southern Africa. She padded softly out of the bushes and gave me a tantalising turquoise stare, stealing my heart in the process! You can read my...

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Be brave, be visible and tell your business story!

I’m a brand storyteller who helps my clients share their unique stories about the wonderful work they do with the cherished clients they love to serve. Sadly, too close to our daily routines, we sometimes need to step away from the  busy lives we experience...

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