Kevin Goodall, MD, OverBright, Digital Transformation company

We previously struggled to explain the difference our complex business makes to clients and channel partners. As part of a major rebrand, OverBright asked Copy That Sells to create a simplified, compelling story, website and marketing communications to support our sales strategy and marketing. Katherine expertly guided us through the brand storytelling process. She really understood our business. She helped us articulate and identify with an authentic brand story which is easy to explain, using the right content marketing tools and content. We’re now proud about and massively excited about where our new rebrand is taking us.

Now clients are intrigued about our brand, constantly wanting to know more about what we do. Previously with virtually no presence on social media, we’re now constantly in the public eye. Instead of a handful of views on LinkedIn, 5000+ views and 300 likes and lots of interaction. I used to be sceptical about marketing. Katherine changed our perspective of what it can do. I would have no hesitation recommending Katherine who is easy to work with as well as an expert marketing storyteller

Bruce Buxton, Director of Digital Transformation, Critigen, Gettysburg, PA

Before I met and worked with Katherine the presentation of my profile on LinkedIn was weak and impersonal at best. With sensitivity and focus, she prompted me to define my personal gifts and tell a story about myself that has been transformational for me on LinkedIn.

Katherine has the skills and experience to inspire and guide people from all walks of life to tell their story to the world in a way that generates massive interest. I will definitely work with her again and I could not recommend her more highly.

Dharmesh Mistry, Chief Executive Officer of Ask Homey Ltd

I approached Katherine when I was about to launch my tech Start-up. I needed a compelling story to grab the attention of investors as well as a range of stakeholders we needed to get on board. We were too close to our story and couldn’t get it out of our heads to explain it succinctly.

Katherine, a seasoned storyteller, explained how she previously helped large corporates seal multimillion-pound deals, as well as help start-ups, attract angel investment and crowd funding. She was patient and painstaking and pulled all the threads of our story together into a story framework and simplified core story we can adapt and use anywhere to build our brand. She also made us think about how we wanted to position our tech start-up.

A joy to work with, I would recommend her to any start-up needing a compelling brand story that will attract the right investment and engage the people they need to reach.

Dave Wood, former GM, BT and Senior Associate at Simpson & Associates

As our BT Global Services Converged Solutions StoryMaster, Katherine helped our business to grow exponentially at a time when our messages were in danger of being lost in the mass of corporate messaging.

Her ability to articulate what our business meant to our customers and, just as importantly, our people. She used her marketing and storytelling skills to empower our large sales community in translate the benefits of a very complex portfolio. This helped seal some significant multimillion pound deals and dramatically improve customer perception for which she deservedly won multiple awards. It was a pleasure working with her.

Jim Ivimey, Google, GSI & Alliance Partner Account Manager at Citrix Systems UK and former Senior Relationship Manager at Ordnance Survey

I worked with Katherine for almost 9 months at Ordnance Survey. As our Portfolio Marketing Communications Manager, she helped us secure additional revenue lines via new sectors in the commercial markets.

Katherine is a consummate marketing and research specialist who did extensive market intelligence, preparation and planning. Her ability to consume and appreciate large chunks of data is impressive. highlighted in her attention to detail and the ability to interrogate this data and extract what the commercial focus should be. Katherine was a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Matt Bricknell, MD, Brixland Ltd and project manager of large business change and transformation projects

Having engaged Katherine’s services, specifically for brand storytelling, persona and content marketing, I found that working with her has been a process of affirmation as much as a marketing exercise.

Katherine has an open, inquisitive listening style that results in a very valuable end-product: ideal personas, a story model and framework and a core brand story which will help my business grow in the direction I want to go. After working with Katherine, I view the expertise and value I provide to clients differently and I can articulate it in a way that is much more accessible to people outside my profession. I’d recommend Katherine’s services if you are an ambitious SME looking for a different way to explain what you do to clients.

James Gibbons, MD of LinkCreator Ltd and business development expert

Katherine is easy to work with and really gets to know about you and your business. Absolutely brilliant storytelling expert. She was very thorough in crafting and researching a key blog to help improve understanding of what we do for clients by telling a story. We were really pleased with the outcome. I would recommend her to others who are looking for professional storytelling and content marketing services.

Renford Marsden, Corporate Videographer

Katherine, without a doubt harnesses the magic of storytelling and encourages the client to articulate what is their story to paint the picture. I do not hesitate to recommend Katherine for amazing assistance in teasing out the necessary ingredients to make a business a success. Go on, you will not be disappointed.

David Parry, Business Growth Expert – International sales and distribution

I was searching for someone who would help me write my brand story initially and came across Katherine’s work through a Facebook group called Freelance Heroes and rapidly discovered that indeed she was one. Her ability to write engaging stories, combining topical and creative content with business analogies, was immediately captivating.
It was not long before Katherine was asking me all the right questions to understand what I did, how I made people feel and why. Using her tried and tested story process and framework, she was able to work her way through the many things I had to say and, with great clarity and creativity, distilled my story down to the most important and engaging points. Much more than that though, Katherine went on to create a brand story for me which brought together my values, my work, and my passion for climbing mountains – superb writing skills and good fun to work with too. I would thoroughly recommend her to any ambitious companies who want to win clients, grow or change direction through story-driven marketing content

Catherine Evans-Joines, Leadership and Empowerment Coach and Corporate Trainer

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Katherine over the past few months and she has helped me get to get clarity and craft my brand story and marketing message in a way that resonates with my ideal clients. Her professionalism and attention to detail mean that she takes the time to get under the surface, with a unique marketing model that brings out the brand story which not only resonates with your clients but also with you, so it feels totally authentic and sincere. I would highly recommend Katherine to any business owner wanting to connect with their ideal clients and grow their business by improving their marketing message in a way that “feels” genuine

Sanjay Vallabh, Trade Finance Advisor, Vallabh Associates Ltd

Katherine is a pleasure to work with, she really gets underneath the real story you have to tell and articulates it in a very easy to read way, weaving it into all sorts of marketing content. Katherine’s alternative brand storytelling approach is helping me get a fact-based topic across in a simplified, engaging way throughout my brand identity and my new website, to exactly the right target audience, helping to get my personality to shine through to demonstrate the power of what trade finance can do!

Hedley Rees, Managing Consultant and Director of Pharmaflow Ltd

I can’t praise Katherine’s work highly enough. Storytelling is a craft that she has mastered and uses expertly to distil your core offering into powerful marketing messages – focused, on point and a platform for winning business from the clients she helps you identify – very happy with her work…

Kara Stanford, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Founder of KMS Marketing

I met Katherine and was very impressed by her marketing knowledge and extensive experience in developing and writing marketing content. Therefore, I engaged her to write one of my case-studies. I was really pleased with the result – a clear, easy to read case study that picked out the key points. Following that, I then recommended her to one of my clients, who engaged Katherine to develop and write a series of LinkedIn articles. Katherine took the same methodical, thorough approach to planning and developing the content and then produced four well-written, engaging articles all of which had been written specifically for the LinkedIn platform. If you are looking for a thoughtful, thorough marketing content developer who understands the subtleties of content marketing and how to create something that fits your wider positioning, then engage Katherine.

Linda Huckle, LinkedIn Trainer, Business Coach and Consultant, Your Key to LinkedIn

When I re-branded earlier this year, I needed to make sure that my story was consistent on my website, my social media channels and in my business networking. I knew what I wanted to say but couldn’t find the right words. What I ended up with described what I did, but didn’t explain my ‘why’. Katherine has the most ultimate patience! She spent time with me to find out my story and how it has helped me to build my business. She was able to weave in my passion and bring it to life using a storytelling technique that is unique to her. Katherine is easy to work with, following up with tweaks to get the story right and in a way that my clients can relate to. She has a gentle nature and adapted to my own style immediately.
What I particularly liked is that she really listened to me and gave me the time and space that I needed to allow me focus on the task. Katherine’s patience and listening skills, coupled with her talent for storytelling and creativity, means that I have consistency in my business story. I fully recommend Katherine and her unique storytelling, content writing and content marketing skills to any business.

Louise Reynolds, Director, Property Venture®

Katherine helped me at – short notice – to improve an important business presentation, some of which was untried and untested material. She acted as a sounding board for what I wanted to achieve and gave great feedback on flow and structure. Crucially she is an expert in her field of story-telling and was able to help me craft a more impactful and personal message. She has helped me start my journey of communicating with my audience in a more personal way. Something I have found really tricky to date, knowing how far to go with what I share, to the point where I have given very little personal insight. Thank you, Katherine

Lorraine Finney Photography, Fine Art Photographer

Thank you so much for the Copy that you have written for my website. It captured everything that we discussed and more. You are truly talented and have a gift for bringing the best out from people. I loved it all and it is a true reflection of me and my passion for photography

Mike Cane, Director of Carmichael Cane Associates Ltd

Katherine has done a superb job of helping me with copywriting for my marketing messaging and positioning for my business with new clients and prospects. A talented, imaginative storyteller, Katherine will be a tremendous asset for anyone who wants to articulate their business or value proposition, vividly and clearly in the mind of a buyer. A lovely professional person to work with. Highly recommended! Thanks so much.

Richard Linden, Business Systemisation Consultant

Katherine developed the story for my Business Systemisation consultancy. It was brilliant, very clever with a great flow. Taking me back to my where I started my journey, she helped me see my business in a different light. She also helped me with some SEO keywords and articles. My new story was well received by colleagues, who I also recommended to also use Katherine’s story writing services. – thank you!

Gill Leech, Joint owner and Finance Director, Regent Lettings

I worked with Katherine, from ‘Copy That Sells’ to create a story about my business and an article on Regent Lettings for a local business newspaper. Katherine spent time finding out about our business, industry and our USPs. The result was an article and advert that flows, is inspiring and sums Regent Lettings up succinctly. I found Katherine’s approach to be patient, understanding and knowledgeable, and the work was completed within a tight deadline. Thank you and I would definitely work and recommend you again

Teresa Gandy, Customer Experience Specialist and owner of Clarity CX

I needed content for my website and Katherine’s storytelling approach sounded very aligned with my own Customer Experience work – ie: making an emotional connection with your customer to achieve improved results.

After an interview with Katherine to share my personal and professional experiences to date I was amazed at how the final copy produced actually enlightened me and really put the pieces of my life and career puzzle together, enabling a personal story that reinforces my business offering. Katherine managed to identify key areas of my life that I hadn’t recognised as elements of where I am now – my ‘journey and return’ story – and how relevant they are in my business offering. A real “how did I not see this before?” moment. Katherine is lovely to work with and really cares about delivering the right solution for each individual – turning a ‘faceless entity’ into a business that customers can really relate and connect with

Let’s put pen to paper…

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