You only have 7 seconds to make
the right impression 

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People buy how you make them feel not just what you sell

It’s hard to get noticed. Every minute 294 billion emails and 350 million tweets are sent out. I help overwhelmed B2B and technical clients get heard by marketing their brilliant business stories focused on the people they love helping.

Research shows that over 90% of purchasing decisions are based on an emotional connection about the person behind the products and services, rather than purely facts.

A dry, factual story which fails to resonate emotionally with the right clients results in no clients or the wrong clients. Because it’s you your clients are buying, not just what you sell.

 Why leave anything to chance? Let’s put some sparkle into your business story, weaving it like a golden thread throughout all of your marketing content, so it gets noticed by the right  clients. Let’s make your story a business best seller.

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You only have
7 seconds to make
an impression

A few stories
we’ve already told

Did you know that clients spend about as little as 7 seconds scanning your products and services, to find a personal connection with you before they decide to buy? That products evoking an emotional response always win?

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Not happy to take our word for it? Have a read and see what our clients think about us. Explore a few case studies to see for yourselves the impact a well told brand story can have.

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Differentiate your brand.
Make it a business best seller

Whether rebranding, repositioning or diversifying, if your business struggles to get noticed, let me help you create a business story and marketing content your client wants to hear. Life is a story. Make yours a business best seller.

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Contact me, Katherine Ledger on 07703 545117, for a no obligation exploratory chat on how Copy That Sells could help you tell and sell your story through a compelling marketing copy and strategy

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