Life is a story. Make your business a best seller

Life is a Story. Why Not Make Yours a Business Best Seller? I am a CIM qualified marketer. My 30 years in smaller companies and charities through to big established brands like BT, Vodafone, Oracle and Ordnance Survey has taught me a key lesson. At least 90% of business sales and loyal relationships begin with an emotional connection. If clients like your story and your values, they’re already warmed up for the sale. It’s only then they’ll check out your credentials (a logical decision).

That’s why you need a ‘business story’ which resonates quickly with clients about the blood, sweat, tears and elation which make you one of a kind and persuades them to talk to you, not someone else.

It’s you they are buying, how you make them feel, not just what you sell. Let’s help you write your business story; let’s make it a best seller.

Katherine Ledger. Telling brand stories for 20 years

I am Katherine Ledger. I adore hot coffee, crisp white wine and dining out on stories with family and friends. Wherever I go, I love listening to people, whether overseas and (hopefully) discovering cheetahs, turtles and elephants or closer to home, chatting to small businesses about what they love to do. So often they hide their star qualities and the infinite lengths they go to move heaven and earth for their clients. So I tease out those stories and weave them into stellar marketing content which makes them shine.
As a kid, I loved prising unusual facts about people from my Dad’s extensive library. He built a house around it. I became an Information Manager, setting up market research services for technical companies, teasing out hidden gems from various sources, making cold hard facts warm and engaging.
As a Marketer and ‘StoryMaster’ in a large telco, I ‘fell into’ storytelling, turning dry messages behind a dull set of products into charming stories about passionate employees (the beating heart of the business) and how their clients (the heroes) profited. Clients loved their rising stars, profits soared and multimillion pound deals were sealed.

Now, my heart is all about helping businesses to tell and sell the right story which gets heard by the right clients, through succeed through creative content marketing . I took an unexpected break from the Corporate world by falling off a stepladder and fracturing my spine. During a dark, painful journey to recovery, I decided to set up ‘Copy That Sells’ to help businesses to create and market the work they love to do. It’s true. Story-driven marketing content really does help companies sell. Let me show you how?

Let’s put pen to paper…

Contact me, Katherine Ledger on (07703) 545117, katherine@copythatsells.co.uk for a FREE no obligation exploratory chat on how you can tell and sell your story through a compelling marketing copy and strategy

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