I love networking! Putting a human face to the many different businesses I meet is awesome! Networking meetings are the perfect place to share the different stories which make our businesses so unique. It’s a space to share experiences and see how we can help each other on the journey.
It wasn’t always this way… I used to feel unprepared. Here’s why better networking conversations begin with a business story. 

Tip #1. Put on a brave face

On cold dark wintry days, heading off to a roomful of strangers can feel strange. But if I make the narrative in my head all about looking forward to meeting interesting people, I’m greeted with a very warm reception.

Tip #2. Bring a story

As a storyteller, I aim to be crystal clear about what I do or would-be clients will bark up the wrong tree! So make sure your story genuinely reflects what you love doing for others, then they will love you back!

Tip #3. Be inclusive

It’s easy to get left out on a limb. So let’s involve people on their own in our conversations and listen to their fascinating stories

Tip #4. Ask questions

Rather than focus too much on my own story,  I’ve learned to ask relevant questions so I can appreciate other people’s challenges. Then our conversations become interested, interesting and relevant.

Tip #5. Focus on referrals

I’m always on the lookout to help others. Let’s support them by asking who they’d like to work with so we can make quality referrals. Let’s be clear about who we are looking for too.
I don’t like networking. I LOVE it! What’s your story and how can I help you make it part of someone else’s by connecting you with the people you would like to meet?


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