I’m a brand storyteller who helps my clients share their unique stories about the wonderful work they do with the cherished clients they love to serve.

Sadly, too close to our daily routines, we sometimes need to step away from the  busy lives we experience everyday and get out there talking to clients in a different way. Here’s an important story I collected on my recent travels to Namibia, Southern Africa. My rare encounter with a shy leopard inspired me to write this post about stepping out to feel good in our own skin, rather than staying in the shadows, to blend in. Here’s her story…

Amali’s story


She was a beautiful two-year-old leopard and her name was Amali. She fixed us with a tantalising turquoise stare. Having searched many hours to find her, we were nervous our chances might fade away like the dying Africa day. It certainly looked that way, today.

She padded softly out of the dappled foliage and walked timidly around the jeep. Checking she was not in immediate danger, she visibly relaxed. Perfectly presenting herself to us, she sat sphinx-like with her large soft paws placed squarely in front of her and her thick, fluffy tail snaking behind her. Her smooth, sleek coat shimmered like velvet in the evening sunlight. Humbled by her trust, our hearts skipped a beat and we were mesmerised.


Photograph by Katherine Ledger, Africat Foundation, Namibia


So what can we learn from this privileged encounter with a shy leopard about how to reach our perfect, elusive prospects with a cornucopia of cool content marketing messages? Though feeling vulnerable, how can we take that first bold step into the unknown to face a faceless audience across a multitude of media? Here are three ways to make a lasting impression by coming into the open to share stories, every day.

Your story


1. Be brave

Be brave, not shy. Your clients want to hear from you. They’ve missed you. You’ve been hiding on the sidelines far too long.


2. Be vulnerable

Shy because her mum had been killed by warthogs when she was a tiny cub, Amali was afraid to leave her leafy hideaway. We’ve been hurt too. We’ve had to learn to survive in a business jungle even wilder than the African bush, watched by what feels like a million eyes. At times we too are like Amali. We’re scared of being in the limelight in case our clients see us putting a paw wrong or taking an inappropriate path!

But sometimes appearing too polished, poised and perfect can be off-putting to prospects and clients. They feel just as vulnerable as us, at times. Being courageous enough to admit our vulnerability creates a circle of trust between us all. We’re showing we’re boldly doing the best we can for those we love to serve, despite the setbacks and hard lessons. We’ve come out the other side, battle scarred but strengthened by what we have learned along the way.


3. Be you

Amali was a rare discovery. Just like her, you are different from anyone else. No-one else has the same business DNA or the same set of skills and experiences as you. No one delights them exactly the way you do.

So, let’s come out from the shadows. Entirely focused on making my clients the heroes by helping them shine with a distinctive brand story, I don’t always step forward to take centre stage.  I’ve been away a little too long myself so that’s what I intend to do. How about you?

So let’s not hide away for too long. As well as helping our clients to look good, let’s get out there and develop and build a growing community of supporters with our own brand stories, making ourselves visible wherever our clients happen to be. It’s what builds the connection with the people we want to reach. They’ve missed you and want to hear from you!



Be brave, be vulnerable, be you!


Written by Katherine Ledger, Content Marketer, business storyteller and the owner of Copy That Sells. If you are too busy or too shy to write the business story which truly reflects your true personality and heart towards your customers, let me help you craft a story and write it into marketing content which captures clients’ hearts. Reach me at copythatsells.co.uk , https://uk.linkedin.com/in/katherineledger  +44 (0) 7703545117 Katherine@copythatsells.co.uk 

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