I love Spaghetti! Did you know the largest pasta bowl filled a swimming pool in Los Angeles with over 13,780 pounds of pasta? That Spaghetti Marketing, the art of “let’s throw it up against the wall and hope it sticks”, never works?

Yes, the perfect marketing approach may seem impossible. We’re time-strapped, often talking into the ether. So experimentation is often the mother of invention on social media! However, in content marketing terms, a spaghetti approach is ill-advised!

  1. It’s a huge time waster. A spray and pray approach targets everyone. Helps no-one
  2. It’s soul-destroying. You risk attracting the very people you’d rather not
  3. It can’t be measured. It’s random and pointless

Far better, when the chips are down, to act like this:

  • Start with a story. What makes us different? What difference can we make to the people we’d like to reach?
  • Next create a content marketing plan with clear objectives, milestones, audiences and tightly-defined services for quantifiable results.
  • Then create a calendar of regular content

So rather than do Spaghetti Marketing,  let’s focus our marketing strategy on like-minded, like-hearted people we’d love to reach.

Let’s serve up measured, mindful content which goes down well rather than sticks to the wall!

torytelling ContentKatherine

If you are not sure how to create a story and marketing content for your business which goes down a treat with your ideal audience and doesn’t stick to the wall,  then contact me on +44 (0) 7703545117 or katherine@copythatsells.co.uk. I’d love to help!

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