The Old Year has bowed out gracefully and the New Year, dressed to impress, has made a dramatic entrance! The New Year revellers embraced her with wide open arms. With brave hearts and bold promises, they watched her fireworks explode across the far-flung corners of the globe.

So how can we make our Content Marketing snap, crackle and pop through the whole of this coming year? How can we make it light up the skies rather than fizzle out like a damp squib as the New Year kicks in?

Here are 3 ideas for creating some cracking content marketing which will cut through the noise to make a lasting impression on the people who you are keen to impress.

Tip #1. Make it sparkle with a story

Include a hero (your client), a dilemma (theirs), a problem solver (you), conflict, resolution and a happy ending. If you help your clients visualise the brave new world where you are taking them, they will be more than happy to stay with you all year long!

Tip #2. Make your plot pack a punch 

Have you ever attended a firework display which was cut short or cancelled due to rain or high winds? That feeling of disappointment, after the build-up, is almost impossible to forget. Don’t leave your audience hanging, not knowing what to do next. Whether it’s to inform, educate, influence or persuade, always remember to include a compelling call to action! Include a clear takeout which guarantees interaction!

Tip #3. Include the wow factor

Weave in an emotional connection which warms your prospect’s heart. The authenticity and relatability of our stories determine exactly how our audience will react and interact. If they share our values and experiences, they will want to make a connection. That’s when the wow factor sets in and the real conversations begin.

So let’s not do bland content marketing. Let’s set off fireworks and light up the skies on New Year’s Eve and every day of this bright, new, hopeful year ahead of us! Let’s leave a lasting impression in the minds of the people we want to reach.

Let’s serve them memorable content which they feel glad to be seeing, hearing, reading and experiencing. Let’s promise and never fail to deliver. Let’s leave our audiences watching and waiting to find out more.


And if you are stuck on creating a sparkling story and content which grabs the attention of your ideal client, message me or ping me an email on I’d love to have a chat!


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