A love grown cold

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year are some of our UK festivities with an enormous build up. We save up for ages and go out of our way to tell our families and friends we love them. We buy over-the-top seasonal gifts which shops then sell off in a half-price sale the very next day. Soon over, those special occasions are very quickly forgotten.

Rather like the short-lived attention span we afford prospects in our targeted customer acquisition campaigns. Or customers who’ve been with us a very long time who we take for granted. The truth is, sometimes the first love we had for our clients has grown cold.

It doesn’t have to be this way. So here’s a heart-warming story about a local company whose client story is all about the love, pride and care in what they do and who they serve. And 5 reasons why their people-focused approach works well and continually stands the test of time.

 A customer love story

The UK shoe repair and key-cutting empire, Timpson make me, an occasional customer, feel extra special every time I see them. From a lifetime watch battery guarantee free of charge, to prompt, efficient service (every time), to a handbag strap they repaired free gratis,they do everything with a smile. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them. We could all take some lessons on board from their genuinely sincere story.

1. Be consistent

From the CEO down, ensure that every single manager and employee knows and practices the values you hold dear so every client doesn’t fail to get a consistently good experience. John Timpson, the owner, in the year 2000 wrote a book ‘Dear James,’ which passes on to his son the lessons learned in 30 years as a Chief Executive. Their style of management is ‘Upside Down Management’ giving complete authority to employees to do what they can to amaze customers and put their own mistakes right. They run a ‘happy index’ every year which asks employees if they are being treated fairly. We can all learn lessons from this wonderful company. To never let our values tarnish or grow cold

2. Be kind to all your stakeholders; employees, associates, partners and clients.

Alex Timpson, the late wife of the current CEO, John Timpson encouraged her husband, to introduce an enlightened system of rewards and perks for their staff – not least a day off on their birthdays and a free seaside holiday with their families. Timpson pay their staff not as little as they can but as much as they can afford, knowing that happy employees  take a pride in the service they provide which in turn is good for business.

3. Be inspiring

Alex Timpson, the late wife of the CEO had a wonderful story of her own. She was foster mother to 90 children, many abused and was a fierce campaigner on children’s issues She inspired the company to hire young offenders and care leavers. That gentle giving spirit still shines out of the way that Timpson hires staff and treats customers.

4. Be proud of your journey

The shops promote in pictures the proud legacy of Timpson, in the family for generations, starting with William Timpson, who set up shop in 1870. It must have been a tough journey but this does not show in the cheerful service I receive on every visit

5. Love your customer and get engaged!

Which brings me back to what I most love about Timpson. Love your customer as you do those you love the most. I feel it every time I visit, I know I will be treated just as well as the last visit and the one I will make in the future. Because Timpson’s love for their customers is hardwired into everything they do.

So don’t wait for Valentine’s Day, or Christmas Day or a birthday to tell your client that you care about them. Follow Timpson’s example and make them part of the story you practice it every single day. Tell that story, do that story, be that story. Live that story.  Then your clients will love you back. And keep on coming back. What’s not to love about that?

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